Witchcraft & Magic in Dreams

A: Hey! I’m Amelia!

C: And I’m Cecilia! This is 1800Dreamzz!

A: And that’s Dreamzz with two zz.

C: Woooo! So two things: 1) Don’t forget to vote!! For the love of all that is pumpkin, please vote early and keep yourself and others safe by avoiding the polls on election day. 2) We’re halfway through October! We’ve been busy to say the least!

A: That is an understatement! We’ve got three spooky Halloween episodes out already, as well as a number of videos documenting us getting into the spirit of the season - fall decorating, pumpkin carving, cemetery walks.

C: Oooh yeah girl, I loved all that history of cemeteries and symbolism of tombstones! Who knew there were so many options?

A: The Victorians, man.

C: And now we’re chatting with Barby the Book Fairy this week about favorite fall books, we’ve got a pumpkin bake along on Wednesday October 21, and a Halloween Party on October 31!

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C: What do we have on the menu for today’s episode?

A: Well the last few episodes have been a little heavy, so we are taking a lighter route and chatting about magic and witchcraft in dreams. Cecilia, have you ever been to a magic show?

C: *riff riff* What about you?

A: *embarrassing story* Yes, and it’s embarrassing. I was maybe four or five and went with my best friend, Rachel, to a local magic show. The magician called me up, or so I thought, and then he gave me instructions to tear some tissue paper, but I misheard and thought he told me to fold, so then I was so embarrassed when I thought he was simultaneously yelling at me and making fun of me. To add to the embarrassment, the magician had actually called up Rachel but I pulled a Zoolander and walked up myself to the stage.

C: Oooh cringey.

A: Fortunately Rachel got to go on stage, and we’re still best friends, but it’s one of those moments I still *heghhh* about.

Okay magic and witchcraft in dreams! According to Globe Views, magic in dreams is an ambiguous meaning - that is hilarious, because all dreams are subjective and, to me, therefore inherently ambiguous. That said it is pretty true today.

So with that in mind, let’s do our quick spiel about what today’s episode is and isn’t. In doing the research, there are a lot of segues we could take that have to do with manifesting our real life dreams and goals in our sleep dreams, but this isn’t that episode. We are also not talking about lucid dreaming or astral projection and that kind of dream manipulation. And we are not talking about shapeshifting, or trickster-like creatures in dreams, no Loki! That will be for another day! Instead, we are going to take a fun, light look at specifically magic, magicians, witches, and witchcraft.

C: Yes I can’t wait for those episodes! Also I’m happy for a break from the heavy but necessary spiritual work.

A: Agreed! Okay let’s start with the magician. Now, the Magician card in tarot is highly symbolic, just like in dream. Cecilia, what does the Magician card in tarot mean to you?

C: *riff riff*