Witchcraft & Magic in Dreams

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C: What do we have on the menu for today’s episode?

A: Well the last few episodes have been a little heavy, so we are taking a lighter route and chatting about magic and witchcraft in dreams. Cecilia, have you ever been to a magic show?

C: *riff riff* What about you?

A: *embarrassing story* Yes, and it’s embarrassing. I was maybe four or five and went with my best friend, Rachel, to a local magic show. The magician called me up, or so I thought, and then he gave me instructions to tear some tissue paper, but I misheard and thought he told me to fold, so then I was so embarrassed when I thought he was simultaneously yelling at me and making fun of me. To add to the embarrassment, the magician had actually called up Rachel but I pulled a Zoolander and walked up myself to the stage.

C: Oooh cringey.

A: Fortunately Rachel got to go on stage, and we’re still best friends, but it’s one of those moments I still *heghhh* about.

Okay magic and witchcraft in dreams! According to Globe Views, magic in dreams is an ambiguous meaning - that is hilarious, because all dreams are subjective and, to me, therefore inherently ambiguous. That said it is pretty true today.

So with that in mind, let’s do our quick spiel about what today’s episode is and isn’t. In doing the research, there are a lot of segues we could take that have to do with manifesting our real life dreams and goals in our sleep dreams, but this isn’t that episode. We are also not talking about lucid dreaming or astral projection and that kind of dream manipulation. And we are not talking about shapeshifting, or trickster-like creatures in dreams, no Loki! That will be for another day! Instead, we are going to take a fun, light look at specifically magic, magicians, witches, and witchcraft.

C: Yes I can’t wait for those episodes! Also I’m happy for a break from the heavy but necessary spiritual work.

A: Agreed! Okay let’s start with the magician. Now, the Magician card in tarot is highly symbolic, just like in dream. Cecilia, what does the Magician card in tarot mean to you?

C: *riff riff*

A: Just like in tarot, magic and magicians in a dream have a lot to do with manifesting and making stuff happen.

Aunty Flo says that “If you are a magician in your dream this might mean that it is the kind of person you wish you could be. The magician is capable of doing things you would normally not be able to do. He is smart, mysterious, he can make people laugh, and he has supernatural powers or other qualities, which of course you might lack.”

C: What does it mean when I dream of a magic wand or pulling a rabbit out of a hat?

A: According to Dream Dictionary, “To dream of a magic wand represents feelings of having the liberty or power to change a situation whenever you want. The power to control, manipulate, or influence others easily. Negatively, a magic wand may reflect arrogant exploitation of others feelings or good nature because it’s easy. Abusing your ability to influence.”

And rabbits have a lot of witchy connections in real life, but to pull a rabbit out of a hat in a dream has to do with making the impossible a reality and your desire to do so in your waking life.

C: I’ll buy it! What does it mean to dream of a witch?

A: Not surprisingly, a lot of the research about witches in dreams is not nice to women, just like in real life! And depending on how you view women and witches in real life will definitely influence the meaning of your dream. I think when you analyze this dream, you have to take in your own personal beliefs about witches into account as well as the feelings you had in the dream toward the witch.

C: *riff riff* Wow!

A: So If you see a witch, are you afraid of the witch, are you seeking help, do you feel like they’re doing harm?

And if you are the witch, how does it feel to be the witch? Are you casting spells, do you feel like magic?

AuntyFlo says, “On a positive note, witches represent psychic abilities, intelligence, good spirits, and wisdom, transformation, and healing. Witches might also be a representation of enchantment and power. Whenever you have a dream of a witch, it might imply that you have the ability and wisdom to look deep within.

That said, she also says that to dream of witches attacking you can indicate a sort of persecuted feeling in daily life.

C: What do common symbols associated with witches mean, like a broom or a cauldron or a crystal ball?

A: to dream of a witch’s broom can mean wanting to escape a current problem or situation. That said, we could do a whole episode on brooms in dreams. People might get bored, but I’m just saying it could be done.

There’s more disagreement with cauldrons: whatdoyourdreamsmean.coms say that “Almost universally the cauldron represents abundance, sustenance and nourishment. By association, the magic cauldron suggests fertility and the feminine power of transformation.”

C: Sounds like Herr Freud wrote that dream meaning!

A: Right? Alternatively, Best Dream Meaning says that “Dreams featuring cooking potions inside a cauldron, suggest that you are putting together your creative thoughts to create something magical. Consider trying something to throw in the mix of your daily life.”

Now the symbolism of a crystal ball in dreams is fairly standard across sources, it can represent feeling uncertain about your own future.

C: *riff riff*

A: It’s bananas! Here’s something even more bananas. Do you remember the Salem Witch Trials, Cecilia? What is your relationship with them?

C: *riff riff* What about yourself?

A: So not surprisingly I’m super interested in the trials. I love this time of year too because whenever I took an American History class, this topic was usually covered this time of year and made it feel extra fall-y. And this is not an ad, but I really love the podcast Unobscured by Aaron Mahnke. In his first season he talks about the trials.

C: ...Do they talk about dreams?

A: YES!! I would like to present you with spectral evidence.

According to USLegal.com, Spectral evidence refers to a witness testimony that the accused person's spirit or spectral shape appeared to him/her witness in a dream at the time the accused person's physical body was at another location. It was accepted in the courts during the Salem Witch Trials. The evidence was accepted on the basis that the devil and his minions were powerful enough to send their spirits, or specters, to pure, religious people in order to lead them astray.

In spectral evidence, the admission of victims' conjectures is governed only by the limits of their fears and imaginations, whether or not objectively proven facts are forthcoming to justify them.

C: So my spectral form could show up in a dream and I could be accused?

A: Oh you betcha! And that could be your bodily spectral form, or an animal form like a cat or a wolf.

C: Seriously? A: Yeah unfortunately, I don’t think there were any actual lawyers present for the proceedings. That said, spectral evidence could not be the only form of evidence as the devil could manipulate these dreams.

And not to get too political, but the current president of the United States has often used the term “witch hunt” when he feels like people are falsely accusing him of stuff.

C: COLLUSION, anyone?

A: Music to my ears! But honestly the lack of experience his administration brings is so, so similar to the lack of experience of those presiding over the witch trials. Also, none of them believed in science.

C: Oh. Oh no.

A: Yeahhhh.

C: Well on that happy note, it’s time for Part 2 of the show: I Had a Dream Once!

Part 2: I had a dream once!


A & C: *riff riff*

A: Well, that’s all we have for today!

C: We hope you enjoyed learning about magic and witchcraft in dreams!

A: Yes! And this week I’m doing a cemetery walk! You can find that on Wednesday, October 5, at our Facebook page.

C: Super spooky! Stay tuned for next week when we talk about haunted houses in dreams!

A: SO scary!!! I can’t wait to find out more!

C: Don’t forget, you can also send your dreams to us at 1800dreamzz.com (with two zz’s!) And check us out on instagram and facebook. Sleep tight!

A: And remember, don’t let the magic and witch dreams bite! Night night!









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