Teeth in Dreams

Today, our teeth are falling out! Have you ever had a dream where you lose a tooth? Or all of your teeth? I have dreams A LOT about my teeth rotting or just falling out in pieces! It’s so visceral.

There's many versions of this dream:

  1. Teeth breaking on something

  2. Teeth turning into sand

  3. Teeth falling out one by one or all at once

  4. Teeth rotting

  5. Teeth wiggling and being pulled out

According to the Jewish Talmud, the ancient Greeks, and the Native American Navajo, dreams about tooth loss portend the future death of a family member.

Carl Jung had many thoughts on this type of dream. With the exception of Sigmund Freud, no one has influenced dream interpretation as much as Carl Jung. We will talk about him at a greater length in a future episode, but just know he was a famous psychoanalyst based in Zurich, Switzerland, who was a follower of Freud’s but veered in a different direction at least with dreams. He believed that teeth symbolize rebirth or even giving birth to something (apparently that’s why this dream is particularly relevant among those who identify as female) and that the act of the teeth falling out reflects the tension (and sometimes pain) that comes with starting something new. A new job, new home, new relationship, or going through a period of significant growth fit this category.

From The Dream Dictionary by Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett:

  • False teeth signify unexpected help out of a difficult situation;

  • Broken or unusually worn-down teeth are a sign of the deterioration of an important relationship;

  • Aching teeth portend family quarrels;

  • A dream of having teeth filled promises good news;

  • Having teeth pulled forecasts favorable business or investment opportunities;

  • Loose teeth are a warning of untrustworthy friends;

  • If they fell out or you spit them out, it is a sign of a season of financial reverses;

  • Decayed teeth mean health problems - see your doctor

  • Even and/or very white and beautiful teeth forecast happiness and prosperity;

  • Very long teeth predict legal action;

  • One tooth longer than the others portends sad news;

  • Buckteeth augur unexpected travel;

  • Bridgework is a suggestion that you should be more meticulous in meeting your obligations;

  • A dream featuring the roots of your teeth is a warning against lending money or gambling;

  • To dream of having a nerve removed predicts a season of good luck;

  • Brushing your teeth indicates the clearance of obstacles which have been holding you back, unless one or more bristles get stuck between your teeth, in which case you will still overcome the obstacles but only after continued patient effort;

  • Picking your teeth is a warning of false friends in your close circle.

According to Dreammoods.com, teeth falling out in your dreams can represent the following:

Vanity - Anxieties about your appearance or how others perceive you. Because teeth may have something to do with flirtation (smiling, kissing (??), etc.), there may be something about a fear of rejection

Communication - You may have trouble communicating, enunciating, speaking when you don’t have teeth. You might have difficulty getting your point across.

Embarrassment - Feeling unprepared for a task at hand and these kinds of dreams are an exaggeration of that fear

Powerlessness - Teeth are powerful creatures (gnawing, chewing, biting, etc.), and to dream of them falling out might indicate feeling powerless. You need to be more assertive and believe in the importance of what you have to say.

Health - Poor diet. You may want to see a dentist.

Death - Some people see this dream as an omen that a family member or friend will soon die.

Money - Like the Tooth Fairy, losing teeth may indicate money coming your way (more psychic than subconscious talking to you directly)

Deception - Chinese saying “that your teeth will fall out if you are telling lies. Thus the dream may imply you are being untruthful or deceitful about some manner.”

When deciphering your falling teeth dream, look at what is happening in your waking life that could bring about the dream. Teeth dreams may occur when you are in a new relationship, when you switch jobs, or during a transitional period in your life.

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Sleep tight! And remember, don’t let the dreams... bite? Nite nite!

Amelia & Cecilia





The Dream Dictionary - Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett, 1975

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