Spirits in Dreams

Today, we’re getting spooky! Have you ever had a dream about someone that has passed on?

According to Dr. Joshua Black in Mysterious Ways Magazine, grief dreams are “any kind of dream you’ve had after the loss of a loved one.”

According to his research, grief dreams where the deceased is present appear in 7 different types of dreams.

  1. Category of Rationalization dreams; deceased appears alive & present,

  2. dreamer helps loved one cross over,

  3. dreamer sees loved one as sick or dead.

  4. Similar tone: Deceased disapproves of the dreamer

  5. Separation dreams; deceased and dreamer are kept apart by physical object

  6. Positive dreams; deceased offer comfort

  7. Dreamer sees deceased healthy and happy

Why are these dreams important? Unsurprisingly, these dreams allow opportunity to reflect and analyze grief and how they feel but may not understand. Dr. Joshua Black’s research is pretty fascinating and I will make sure to link his website below. You can also listen to his podcast called, “Grief Dreams Podcast.”

What about people who think that spirits can contact you in your dreams?

Dreams that involve contact with a ghost or spirit are also known as ‘visitation dreams,’ and they're actually quite common,” states an article by Nina Kahn on Bustle. The belief behind visitation dreams is that they are vivid and feel very real and they usually stay with the person after the fact. Many people believe that spirits that have “crossed over” can return and speak to the living, without even speaking. One of the ways they can do that is through dreams since our logical, rational part of our brain is asleep while we dream. An article in the Om Times by Meredith Smith says,

“Dream visitation appears for one or two reasons:

1. Someone the dreamer knows (family, friend, loved one, or distant familiar person) who recently died is a soul who just past and he/she needs the dreamer’s guidance in the transition from physical to soulful, and a feeling of reassurance of their physical death.

2. The dreamer is in need of guidance, protection, comfort — a spirit, familiar or unfamiliar, will appear with a message, or love and warmth, for the dreamer, whether the dreamer realized he/she requested assistance or not.”


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Sleep tight! And remember, don’t let the spirit dreams bite! Night night!

Amelia & Cecilia


Dr. Joshua Black’s website: https://www.griefdreams.ca




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