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We're 1-800-Dreamzz and today, we’re finding money! (Ooh don't you love when you find money!)

Cecilia actually just had a dream that she found $40 in an old purse! Which is why we wanted to do some research on this! It’s a super common dream that people have and it seems that there are two ways of thinking on finding money in dreams.

In doing dream research, there seem to be two ways of thinking that are pretty common - they’re spiritual or omen telling OR psychological. I had to look more into this because honestly, finding money in dreams is a pretty straightforward dream!

So, the practice of Oneiromancy is a form of divination that relies on dream interpretations. Oneiromancy should really get it’s very own episode. This is especially common in the Bible but comes from many different ancient cultures. (Definitely check out our previous episode about Egyptians and their dreams if you haven’t already!) According to Wikipedia, “The ancient sources of oneirocritic literature are Kemetian (Aegyptian), Akkadian (Babylonian), and Hellenic (Greek). The medieval sources of oneirocritic literature are Āstika (Hindu), Persian, Arabic, and European.” So that spans a pretty large amount of time and cultures!

On the flip side, the more psychological meanings of dreams usually come from Sigmund Freud who wrote extensively about the theory of dreams and their interpretations. According to the American Sleep Association, “Freud believed that dreams are a manifestation of our deepest anxieties and desires, often relating to repressed childhood obsessions or memories.”

With all of that said, let’s get back to finding money in dreams and the different meanings that can hold! According to (we love this resource!) “Just like in reality, money (in coins or paper) in our dreams symbolizes self-confidence, power, self-worth, prosperity, and wealth in dreams. To dream of finding money may represent material gain. However, it may also symbolize richness in wisdom, spirituality, love and life pursuits.”

It can also signify change in beliefs!

Dream Astro Meanings says, “If you dreamed of finding money that dream could reveal your newly acquired awareness of your personal value and importance. It might also be a sign of your spiritual awareness.”

Dreams about finding money can also mean that you will receive an unexpected gift, you are worried about paying bills, or wondering if you made the right decision!

Different amounts of money can mean different things too, numbers can be really telling in dreams. For example, says, “To dream of the number forty tells you that you have a lot of time to get things done. Whatever your goals, time is ‘on your side’.”

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Sleep tight! And remember, don’t let the money dreams bite! Night night!

Cecilia & Amelia


The Dreamer’s Dictionary. Lady Stearn Robinson and Tom Corbett, 1974.

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