#howtosleep: Mattress Sales & Presidents Day

How to Sleep - President’s Day Mattress Sales

Recording: 2/17/21

Airing: 2/18/2021

A: Hey! I’m Amelia!

C: I’m Cecilia! This is 1800Dreamzz!

A: That’s Dreamzz with two zz’s.

C: We heard a lot of you have trouble sleeping.

A: Apparently 2 out of 3 of Americans report at least one night a week with poor sleep.

C: And that’s without the help of COVID-19 affecting bedtime. The pandemic has messed up our sleep for a number of reasons.

A: Life changes surrounding the pandemic, anxiety surrounding the pandemic.

C: The list goes on. And we see you!

A: Sleep is so unbelievably important to your overall health, so Cecilia and I have developed this series called How to Sleep.

C: We are digging into your biggest sleep questions each week.

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C: We are so excited to get this in front of you all!

A: If you’ve listened to our episodes about dream analysis, you know that we interpret dreams a little differently.

C: Yes, there’s no right or wrong way to interpret a dream, but instead of trying to recall the narrative, the 1-800-Dreamzz Quicktionary has you identifying individual components of the dream.

A: AKA the people, places, things, animals, feelings, and situations/actions in your dreams.

C: Those are the bits of your dream that you are most likely to forget, and you can very easily remember the narrative if you have those pieces identified.

A: Boom! Part of the reason we started this How to Sleep series is because none of you are remembering your dreams because you’re not sleeping well enough, but we really believe that your dreams serve as the bridge between your waking conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

C: It really is a fabulous communication tool that has worked for us in our waking life.

A: Okay so what do the people get if they purchase the 1-800-Dreamzz Quictionary?

C: Well! You obviously get a digital copy of our quick reference dream dictionary, aka the 1-800-Dreamzz Quicktionary, you get the 1-800-Dreamzz Journal to plug in your notes from your dreams, you get a 13 hour spotify sleep playlist, and you get an intention setting meditation to remember your dreams before you sleep!

A: You can head to our online store, 1800dreamzz.com/shop!

C: Once you make your purchase, the 1-800-Dreamzz Quicktionary digital pdf will be sent to your email for immediate download and all of the resources are available as clickable links in the guide!

A: I am so excited for people to use it as a regular tool in their self-care army. So what are we talking about on today’s episode of How to Sleep?

C: Today, Amelia, we are talking about the elusive yet obnoxious Presidents Day Mattress Sale that is sweeping our nation!

A: It just sneaks up on you, doesn’t it!? And then you’re having this existential crisis, like should I get a new mattress? So and so has a great deal, and free delivery too?

C: The agony! And then the glitz and glam and red, white, and blue shouting at you on the tv, so you have to turn down the volume.

A: But you’re watching PBS so you have to turn the volume up again and it is just torture. I’m just kidding, I don’t think PBS has any advertisements for mattress places.

C: *riff riff*

A: Cecilia, have you ever purchased a mattress over this holiday?

C: *riff riff* what about you, Amelia?

A: *riff riff* So I’m really curious about this holiday and what the association is with mattresses?

C: I’ll be honest. It’s fairly mundane, but I will do my best to spice it up!

A: Zesty! Zesty mattress!

C: I think a zesty mattress means it’s time to get a new mattress.

A: Skin cells, parmesan cheese, same diff.

C: Oh god *riff riff* Are you ready for this?

A: I am! I want to know what Presidents Day is and why it’s associated with mattresses!

C: You’ve come to the right place. So Presidents Day, let’s start there!

A: Yes let’s!

C: Picture it, the USA, 1870.

A: Ulysses S. Grant was prezzie.

C: The Department of Justice was created.

A: I’m sorry, how did the DOJ take that long to come into fruition?

C: I don’t know but 1870 was the same year that Congress was like, “You know what, I think we need a DOJ and some federal holidays.”

A: Did they not have federal holidays beforehand?

C: They did not! According to the Wikipedia page, “Congress created federal holidays ‘to correspond with similar laws of States around the District ... and ... in every State of the Union’” But it goes on to say that this only applied to federal employees in the District of Columbia, and it wasn’t until 15 years later in 1885 that the holidays applied to all federal employees.

A: Rude!

C: So there are currently 10 federal holidays - can you name all of them?

A: *riff riff*

C: The original 4 in 1870 were New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.

A: tick tock no mattresses yet.

C: Not yet! But, in 1879, Congress was like, “You know what, I think it’s time for another holiday.” So they designated George Washington’s birthday, which is February 22, as a federal holiday.

A: Okay, I didn’t realize Washington was a Pisces!

C: Who knew? Just kidding, a lot of people knew. But here’s an interesting factoid!

A: Oh yes gimme gimme gimme!

C: According to the National Archives, George Washington was born in Virginia on February 11, 1731, according to the then-used Julian calendar. In 1752, Washington was 21, Britain and all its colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar which moved Washington's birthday a year and 11 days to February 22, 1732.

A: WHAAT?! Can you imagine if you had a year shaved off your life?

C: Honestly it sounds like COVID times.

A: Wait so George was an Aquarius but then became a Pisces?

C: I guess so! *riff riff*

A: My first encounter with the Julian and Gregorian calendar is with those Royal Diary books we used to read!

C: *riff riff* What do you remember this from specifically?

A: So the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov was born June 5 in the Julian calendar, but her Gregorian calendar birthday was the 18th. Still a Gemini!

C: That would be an interesting podcast, astrology and famous historical figures.

A: If you all know of any good ones, send them our way! So Washington’s birthday becomes a federal holiday in 1879 that is celebrated on February 22.

C: Yes, and it’s not until 1968 that the Uniform Monday Holiday Act is established

A: That sounds like the least sexy thing I have ever heard of.

C: It does, doesn’t it? The point of it was that it shifted several holidays to always fall on a Monday, so Washington’s birthday ends up being celebrated on the 3rd Monday of the month.

A: Okay, I guess three day weekends are pretty sexy. Wait so it’s not even technically called Presidents Day?!

C: No!! According to an article from Mental Floss, states can just call it whatever they want, and they can spell it whatever they want too and use apostrophes wherever they see fit.

A: So it could be President’s (like one singular president owns the day), Presidents’ (like all presidents own the day), or Presidents (they’re honored but no one owns the day)

C: Yes exactly!

A: So when does the association between Presidents Day and mattresses become a thing? C: So I tried to find when this happened and was just bombarded with ads for Presidents Day mattress sales, but the reason mattresses are associated with the holiday is - are you ready for it?

A: So ready!!

C: Because new mattresses get put out in March.

A: WHAT?! Are you kidding? That sounds like a terrible joke!

C: According to Tuck.com, they say, “It’s all about timing. In early March, new mattress models come on the market. That means mattress stores, particularly brick and mortar stores, must clear their inventory in February. Online mattress sellers don’t face the same challenge but offer deep discounts to keep up with competitors. That means you can usually get the lowest prices of the year on mattresses on Presidents Day.”

A: FFS! How anticlimactic! I had hoped it was some tawdry pillow talk something, I don’t know.

C: It is very disappointing.

A: Okay well. Now that I know the whole truth. Let’s say I’ve been pressured by ads to buy a mattress this year. Where do I start? C: That’s a great question. You get bombarded by so many ads and you don’t know where to start.

A: Do I have to go inside a store? I’m not super keen on that with COVID-19, among other reasons.

C: No! So going back to Tuck.com, “ one study showed that a short lie-down in a brick and mortar store doesn’t usually lead to the best buying decision. Instead, researching options, features, and reading reviews from confirmed buyers can lead you to a better buying decision.”

A: And I bet people could read the reviews and test them out IRL if they were so inclined, preferably in non-COVID times. Let’s say I’m not ready to purchase because I forgot this was happening, are there other times of year I can get a mattress at a good price?

C: Yes, so there are typically big sales on a quarterly basis. You’ve got Presidents Day, as well as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday. Those are the best times to purchase a mattress, just know these aren’t always the newest or freshest mattresses.

A: Yeah get your parmesan cheese bits off my floor model mattress, thank you very much. Of all of those dates, is this actually a good time to buy?

C: It can be if you like deals and need a new mattress and have the time to dedicate to finding a good deal which usually includes a good discount as well as free shipping and delivery. Otherwise if you’re willing to spend a little more but get a newer mattress that is produced later in the spring.

A: Gotta ratchet up my bougie cocoon!

C: Yes you do! If you feel like yes, I have the time, now is the moment I have been waiting for, to buy my mattress, here are some more great tips from Tuck.com about making a good choice

A: Let’s hear it!

C: 1) scour the website of mattress makers! They are marketing to their consumer directly from their website.

A: That makes sense!

C: 2) Watch for Popups! They say that many online mattress companies use pop-up windows when you first hit their site to let you know the current discounts and deals. So, if you’re going to browse mattress sites, you might need to turn off your pop-up blocker while you do so you don’t miss a great deal.

A: That’s clever!

C: 3 and 4 are to sign up for their email or newsletter subscription which is always a good way to go or to get a referral link from someone who recently got a mattress.

A: Right! Right right right.

C: They also suggest looking for promo codes from discount sites or leaving an item in the cart.

A: I’ve done that at other places! I’ll get an email from somewhere saying that I’ve left something in my cart and something silly like it’s lonely or it misses me so I’ll buy it. Which - quit anthropomorphizing inanimate objects, because I will have trouble dissociating! But sometimes they give you coupons!

C: You got it! That is the goal! Tuck also encourages you to call a store and ask. Just ask!

A: You never know!

C: Just set your budget, and know that like with any purchases and discounts, a bigger percentage off does not necessarily mean it will be cheaper.

A: I’m definitely not great at math, but as a proficient shopper, I do understand that quite well! That and baking measurements, like that is how I know fractions.

C: *riff riff* The nerds over at nerd wallet even encourage you to negotiate the price, but that might be more for if you’re purchasing during a random time of the year.

A: I get really mean and aggressive when it comes to negotiating. What are you like as a negotiator?

C: *riff riff* Now if you’re in the market for some other random stuff, there are a lot of deals going on in the month of February because of the overlap with Presidents Day and Valentine’s Day.

A: Admittedly I’m trying really hard to be a more conscientious consumer and I do not want to buy much new, but if I did, what deals are out there?

C: It’s not dissimilar to Black Friday, honestly. I read an article by Rolling Stone that lists 47 places you could go for Presidents Day deals.

A: Dang, everyone’s getting in on the action!

C: Dude, seriously. So obviously there are mattress sales as well as sales on sleep accoutrements like pillows and blankets at different places.

A: Girl you know I love me a good sleep accoutrement.

C: Well if you like electronics, kitchen gadgets, clothes, or just about anything, there are a ton of places that are taking advantage of the holiday so you could do that.

A: Orrrr you could join me in my experiment to not buy as much stuff. Except the 1-800-Dreamzz Quicktionary.

C: Smooth.

C & A: *riff riff*

A: Well, that’s all we have for today!

C: We hope you enjoyed this episode from our How to Sleep series!

A: Our next installment talks about white noise and pink noise!