Hot Hot August - Part 5: Sex with the Ex

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We have had such a fun time learning about the history of the interpretation of sex in dreams, and today we thought it would be fun to round out the series with us looking at the different meanings behind sleeping with exes and other people you shouldn’t be sleeping with in dreams. This will include sleeping with your boss, a stranger, or even Rush Limbaugh!

*audibly vomits*

Let me get that image out of my head.

Are you ready to hear about what it means when you sleep with different types of people in a dream?

Now I know we have talked about this before, but I would like to reiterate that oftentimes the act of sex in a dream has much less to do with sex and more to do with the pyschological union of two people (or more), and it is about you taking on the characteristics or qualities of the people with whom you were engaging in the sex act.

Now! Exes! Do we really want to get back together with our exes if we dream of sleeping with them? Nooooo!! According to an article from Bustle, your brain attributes a single characteristic to your ex, like maybe they were unreliable. When you are doing the nasty with your ex in a dream, you may be experiencing the undesirable quality in your real life. They ask, “Is it showing up in a partner? Is it turning up in yourself? An ex sex dream is always a good excuse to stop, take inventory, and make sure things are going the way that you'd like them to.”

“A friend”: gross. That one is pretty easy: it most likely has to do with your desire to be connected/close with said friend, or your closeness is just being reflected in the dream. You may also want to take on the characteristics that you admire of this friend.

A coworker or boss: still gross. This can have to do with trying to take on qualities of their personality, like a hard work ethic or success in your career.

Fitness instructor - they’re already super muscly and sweaty it’s not a surprise to think about sleeping with them. And if you’re paying them to train you, they’re often very nice and they believe in you! If you’re dreaming of sleeping with your instructor, it is most likely your desire to be fit like they are, or your desire to believe in yourself!

If you have sex with a stranger in your dreams: this one is interesting because it’s not someone you can necessarily identify. It could reflect a desire for anonymity in your real life, or maybe you really just like romantic entanglements with strangers! Look at the qualities or characteristics about them and try to identify what you like about them that you are trying to take on yourself.

A celebrity: I believe we talked about this is episode 8 - recurring dreams. Again, what is it about the celebrity in question/or in bed and what is it about them that I am wanting to take on? Or are you wanting to take some time in the spotlight?

A politician: this is a funny one. We have talked about this in a previous episode with the listener submitted dream. Politicians can be like celebrities in that they are public figures, but they are also public servants - serving up some sweet love making in your dreams! But for real. Depending on your politics and the politics of the politician, it can make for some interesting interpretation.

Religious leader: like the leader of your specific place of worship, or even sleeping with Yahweh or Buddha. Okay off the cuff, a lot of these religious leaders are depicted as wearing little or no clothing. If you were raised in a particular religion and the person shows up all sexy and stuff, the dream probably is even weirder to process. In general, it could be a desire to be more righteous, more spiritual, less judgmental, etc.

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