Hot Hot August - Part 2: Cheating in Dreams

Welcome to part two of our Hot Hot August series on sex and dreams! Today we are looking at cheating in dreams - whether that is you cheating on a real life or made up partner in a dream or a partner cheating on you in a dream. We’ve all had these dreams - So what are reasons why someone would dream about cheating?

Well first I would like to clarify that this is specifically about consciously being aware that you are cheating in the dream. On that note, here are some ideas about what cheating in dreams can mean! Let’s talk about why someone would dream about their partner cheating on them -

Abandonment: being cheated on a dream can indicate that you are feeling somebody is not paying attention to you. This could be your spouse or partner, or alternatively somebody at work, it could simply be that your romantic real life partner is not giving you the attention you deserve. You may potentially feel that you want more from the relationship.

Perception of the future: with all affairs, it changes our perception and trust in others. This is no different in the dream world, coping with the emotional turmoil in a dream can indicate low self-esteem. A partner cheating in a dream can indicate you need to deal with intent feelings when you awake. I believe that the key message of the dream is that you need to take care of yourself and stop anybody close to you such as your children, family members or close friends. You might need to look at your relationship in the future and if there are any signs this person is likely to cheat on you. Consider what you need to do in order to move on from this dream. How you deal with the hurt feelings in your sleep and be confident to strengthen your relationship in waking life.

What does it mean to have repetitive dreams of your partner cheating?

Dreaming that your partner is in love with another person can indicate that you are wrestling with difficult feelings at the moment. This can be confusion around the relationship. Often these types of dreams do feel real. It is often connected to our own feelings of insecurity. You need to think of positive ways to handle stress management if this dream happens over and over again. It can indicate that you are hurt and angry about a relationship in waking life. But for now, just consider that there may be some anxieties.

1. You're Scared They'll Cheat

2. You've Been Cheated On Before And Aren't Over It

3. There's A "Third Wheel" In The Relationship

4. You Feel Betrayed

5. You Actually Suspect They're Cheating

6. You Feel Like They Don't Care About Any Of This

What does it mean when the dreamer is dreaming of cheating?

On the flip side if the dreamer is a cheater, it is not necessarily about a desire to engage in infidelity and it can relate to a number of themes.

It may be about a time in your life where you compromised your beliefs or integrity, maybe where you cheated or were dishonest and are feeling guilty.

Now to do a 180, you might want to examine the qualities of the person with whom you were having the affair. We know that sex is a union of bodies and sex in a dream can symbolize a union of ideas or personality traits, and wanting to take on the desired attributes of the person you are engaging with.

Additionally, cheating on your partner can reflect sexual passion and sexual exploration. Again, this is not because you are necessarily interested in being with another person, but because it can suggest a reawakening of desire.

Then again, it could also be that you actually are looking for love elsewhere! Take that for what you will.

We hope you enjoyed learning about cheating in dreams!

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