Haunted Houses in Dreams

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A: Thank you, Cecilia! Richard and I voted through mail. We made a special day of it! What is your voting plan? C: *riff riff* Okay so we’ve got two weeks left of spooky Halloween programming. This week Amelia is hosting a pumpkin bake along with Halloween trivia while we wait!

A: It’s three ingredients. It will be very easy. The trivia will be much harder.

C: She has a very serious look in her eye! She means business. And then we are having a Halloween party on Halloween!

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C: Today we are talking about haunted houses! In dreams, of course! Amelia, what makes a house haunted?

A: Dolls. Lots and lots of dolls.

C: Really?

A: Yeah, my friend was house sitting for someone, and when the homeowner called to check in on how things were going, my friend said, “Things are good, but the life size clown doll is really weird.” Only for the homeowner to say, “I don’t have a life size clown doll.” And then I never heard from my friend AGAIN DUN DUN DUNNN!!!

C: Girl, you had me going there!

A: Haaa I did hear that urban legend from a friend when we were kids. But yeah, I don’t think dolls make a house haunted per se, but they add to the vibe. Otherwise ghosts, cobwebs, What about you? What makes a house haunted?

C: *riff riff* So. What do haunted houses mean in dreams?

Houses, as we know, refer to you, the dreamer. According to Dream Moods, “To see a house in your dream represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche.” Whether you are at your childhood home, your current home, a home you don’t recognize. And I should note, home is what you think of as home whether that is a single family house, an apartment, or somewhere else. The point is to pay attention to the location as it will have some meaning to you.

A: That makes sense!

C: Now haunted houses: Aunty Flo says, “To walk into a haunted house signifies incomplete emotional business, associated with your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed reminiscences and feelings.”

A: Ooooh!

C: Yes! This definition is from the Dream Bible: a haunted house may reflect your awareness of yourself living with trauma that you aren't dealing with.

It goes on to say that a haunted house is a sign that you need to begin to process negativity from your past. You may need to confront fears, learn to forgive, or try to develop confidence so that you can let go of the past.

A: So if I have a haunted house dream, I need to do even deeper digging than normal?

C: Bingo! Okay, now what else did you say makes a house haunted?

A: Bwaaaaah GHOSTS!!

C: Ghosts! The idea of ghosts, or the spirits or souls of dead people, has been around since ancient times. You talked about this in your cemetery video, Amelia, that people have been dying for as long as they have been living, and we don’t understand what happens to a person’s spirit when they die.

A: Girl, there is nothing I love more than ancient history and ghosts, so this is making my heart sing!

C: You will have to do a book report on it some day! Because we’re moving on to what ghosts mean in dreams.

A: Very well! Now if I’m not mistaken, we did an episode about spirits in dreams before, correct?

C: Correct! That was episode 6, literally called “Spirits in Dreams” and we specifically looked at dreams of loved ones who have passed away. You can listen to that episode for specifics about loved ones, but the general consensus about ghosts is that they indicate “unfinished business.” Whether that is you, the dreamer, have to take care of something or it is a spirit who has decided to communicate with you in your dreams… That is up to you to interpret.

A: Yeah! I feel bad for ghosts. Why can’t they haunt and not have unfinished business? Like ughhh I still have to pick up that excedrin migraine from Walgreens.

C: Those poor ghosts! Okay, now how about spiders and cobwebs?

A: Yo I hate when I’m trying to get in my car and I walk through a spider web.

C: Me too! I live in the city for a reason! This isn’t a dusty old attic or a woodsy outhouse!

A: No it is not! So what do they mean in dreams?

C: Well, Amelia, we could do an entire episode about spiders in dreams. There are a lot of different interpretations, especially because they are commonplace around the world. For a quick definition, we will look at Aunty Flo’s which says, “in dreams, the spider can denote the following: a web of lies, trust is being challenged, something is worrying you and the feeling of being trapped.”

A: Oh my!

C: As for cobwebs, Dream Bible says, “To dream of a cobweb represents feelings about a situation being hopeless or pointless. Living with a problem that you've gotten used to or can't find a solution for. Feeling trapped by a life situation. Alternatively, the dream is a sign that you are neglecting your responsibilities, talents, or some issue.”

A: I am thoroughly spooked! What if it’s a fun haunted house in your dream?

C: Like a Halloween haunted house?

A: Yes! I love those! Have you ever been to one?

C: *riff riff* What kinds have you gone to?

A: I’ve been to several haunted houses including Creepy World in St. Louis where it’s seven haunted houses in one.

C: One is too many!! Let alone 7!

C: It was a lot. I’ve been on a lot of haunted hayrides including one here Wisconsin where the scariest part was a dude trying to do a Jamaican accent but with a Sconny flavor “I love eggs and beer-can, don’tcha know?”

C: Noooo!!

A: In spite of that fact, they did something I’ve never experienced which is they put rope under the seat and moved it so it felt like your butt was being tickled. Very alarming! But favorite haunted house is in Auburn, IL just outside of my hometown of Springfield. THEY put on a great haunted house. It’s on a town square, there’s bonfires and walking tacos and a bar nearby. You get your ticket and wait two hours, have a few drinks if you’re of age, and enjoy the ride!

C: That sounds like magic! As far as fun Halloween haunted houses, there’s not a lot on the internet, but I did find the meaning of a carnival fun house. I’m using the Dream Dictionary which says, “To dream of a carnival funhouse represents a feeling of fear or frustration that you can’t get out of a situation. Feeling trapped in a terrible temporary situation. Feeling that everyone is laughing at you because you are stuck with a problem. Negatively -

A: Negatively!? How is there a “negatively”?

C: Right? Negatively, a funhouse may be a sign that you have serious insecurities about the loyalty of your friends and family.

A: Cool! Well on that note, it’s time for Part 2 of the show: I Had a Dream Once!

Part 2: I had a dream once!

C: I dreamed that I was in an old home. Big and beautiful, but decrepit and filthy. It kind of looked like the house from Mother! at the beginning when it’s (spoiler?) scorched and abandoned. I was in a bathroom with a beautiful old claw foot bathtub that was filthy. I cleaned it (but not the rest of the room) with painstaking detail so that I could have a relaxing soak. As I filled the bath with crystal clear, clean water, I noticed that there was color dispersing through the water, as if someone had dropped ink or food coloring into it. I can’t recall the color, but it wasn’t anything alarming like red or black. I think it was something like a Kelly green, a purple or a blue. Not sparkly or bubbly, and not like a bath bomb. I woke up after that, thanks to our puppy we were sleep training. BUT THEN. I fell back asleep, and had the same dream. Everything felt the same, but instead of a bathtub, there was only an old sink. Again, I cleaned it, and again I filled it with water to wash my hands and again there was the color dispersing through the water. Throughout the dream I didn’t feel fearful or sad— just focused on the task at hand and curious about the color in the bath. I wanted very much to get clean and relax and achieve a sense of restoration.

A & C: *riff riff*

A: Well, that’s all we have for today!

C: We hope you enjoyed learning about haunted houses in dreams!

A: Yes! And head to our facebook page this week for our Pumpkin Bakealong and Halloween trivia this Wednesday, October 21.

C: Good stuff! Stay tuned for next week when we talk about nightmares, night terrors, and sleep paralysis in dreams!

A: It’s going to be so good!

C: Don’t forget, you can also send your dreams to us at 1800dreamzz.com (with two zz’s!) And check us out on instagram and facebook. Sleep tight!

A: And remember, don’t let the haunted house dreams bite! Night night!









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