Hair in Dreams

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C: Last week we chatted about flying in dreams and today we are talking about another highly requested topic for the podcast: hair in dreams!

A: Ahhh. Hair. Cecilia, what’s the worst haircut you’ve ever gotten?

C: *riff riff* How about you, Amelia?

A: *riff riff* Well let’s talk about what hair symbolizes in dreams.

C: And just so you all know, people can have hair in dreams in it means nothing. The topic of hair in dreams today is specifically referring to when hair plays a significant role in your dreams.

A: Bingo! Thank you for that, Cecilia! And just like every topic, your interaction with the topic in real life will color its representation in dreams. Like if you’re a hairdresser - hair is much more likely to show up in your dreams than if you were an accountant. If you struggle with hair loss, hair in your dreams might symbolize something different than if it shows up in the dreams of someone who needs a haircut all the time.

C: Yes!

A: Now here is the general meaning: in real life, hair can symbolize power, which is also the case in dreams. According to Aunty Flo, hair symbolizes yourself and can even go so far as to represent your sexuality.

C: Of course! Have you seen the New Testament? Eve is nude but her hair is always modestly covering her sweater kittens.

A: Meow! It is true! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a depiction of her without this long, Lady Godiva type of hair. Oh! That’s another one, Lady Godiva riding naked on her white horse, covered in her luxurious hair.

C: This episode is taking a sexier direction than I expected. And I like it!

A: Moi aussi! That’s not to say sexy hair is only long, that is the furthest from the truth! Or that any hair is required to be sexy! Just in this sense, hair has this long, pun intended, association with sexiness that can pervade your dreams, especially if your subconscious holds on to this notion.

C: Absolutely! We look at magazines when we’re kids, or at least we did - do they still make magazines for kids to look at and get confused by?

A: I don’t think so. Print is dead.

C: Anyway, we see images at a young age of what the media assumes to be beautiful or sexy and that buries itself into your subconscious, and we have this unfortunate comparison that takes place and it can seep into your dreams!

A: It absolutely does. That’s why it is so important to examine your dreams and see what it means to you.

C: Now tell me, what does it mean to get a haircut in a dream?

A: This is a popular one. Similar to teeth, it’s a part of you that is removed in real life - though you don’t regularly go to get your teeth pulled out and they grow back, like you get your haircut.

C: You don’t?

A: No ma’am! According to Dream Moods, “to dream that you are cutting your hair suggests that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to censor you. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted thoughts/habits.”

C: I could see that! A: Now according to Dream Dictionary, to dream of willingly getting a haircut represents a fresh start or change in your thinking style. Shedding unwanted thoughts, emotions, or life situations.

C: Kind of like harnessing the power of the full moon!

A: Exactly! On the flipside, says that having your hair cut by someone else can feel like your power is being taken away from you, reflecting stress or feeling out of control in real life.

C: We had a listener tell us she dreamt that Donald Trump was cutting her hair right before the 2020 US Presidential Election. That explanation makes a lot of sense as to what she was feeling!

A: Doesn’t it?

C: What does it mean to be cutting someone else’s hair?

A: Aunty Flo has us covered on this one again! “To see yourself cutting someone’s hair is directly associated with controlling someone else. You could be feeling that you need to change something in your life in order to be happy. If you dream of cutting your family's hair it can mean you wish to impose change. Alternatively, the dream could denote that you want “control” and are approaching life with good intentions. To cut your lover's hair in a dream indicates feeling frustrated and this will end up showing in your dreams. To cut someone’s hair off (so they have none left) can suggest that you should stop interfering in other people’s choices, however good your intentions are.”

C: Wow! That is a lot of possibility in this explanation! Definitely something to dig into when you wake up. Now how about hair falling out in dreams?

A: You’ll love this, we have a new dream source to reference!

C: Oh really?! Do tell! A: You might know them as L’Oreal Paris!

C: Makeup, dreams. They do everything, don’t they?

A: They’re really upping their game! Here’s what they say: it can be associated with a fear of aging. I was surprised, instead of linking to an article about anti-aging, they write about how to embrace the aging process.

C: Of course they do. What else do they say?

A: Not surprisingly, they say it is an indicator of feeling stressed, like feeling vulnerable and powerless.

C: Ah stress and dreams. That old chestnut.

A: Never fear! Stress is here! Don’t despair, they also suggest that hair falling out in dreams may reference toxic relationships.

C: Now that is interesting! Do tell!

A: Yes! They say, “A hair falling out dream can also correlate with the idea of toxic, poisonous relationships in your life. If you feel as though there is someone who is having a negative effect on your life, who may cause unnecessary stress, this could be the cause of your dream about losing your hair.”


Part 2: I had a dream once!

C: This is the part of the show where we read a listener submitted dream and analyze it!

A: If you would like your dream dime store analyzed by us, you can send us an email either to or or head to our website

C: with 2 z’s

A: and click “Submit Your Dreamzz”! Easy peasy. What’s on the menu today, Cecilia?

C: Hair - aren’t we lucky!

A: Unless it’s gross.

C: Well… We’re about to find out! Here we go:

“A recurring dream I have is about hair in my mouth. Sometimes it just sits in there and I can’t speak. Sometimes I pull it out like pulling hair out of a hair drain. It’s not really a problem, but it is kind of nasty and unsettling. The end.”

A & C: *riff riff*

A: Well, that’s all we have for today!

C: We hope you enjoyed this episode about hair in dreams!

A: I’m going to get a wig!

C: And next week, we are having a casual “More than Dreamzz” conversation about tarot.

A: Yes! Cecilia and I both read tarot cards and we are super excited to share our interest and its association with symbolism in dreams!

C: We’ve offered tarot readings for a while now and I think some folks don’t understand the correlation between dreams and tarot, but people forget that they’re both forms of divination, and, more importantly, means of connecting with your inner voice and subconscious.

A: So stay tuned for our episode next week! Learn all the hot tarot info!

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C: Don’t forget to send your dreams to us at (with two zz’s!) And check us out on instagram and facebook. Sleep tight!

A: And remember, don’t let the hair dreams bite! Night night!,hair%20cutting%20dream%20normally%20surfaces.&text=Spiritually%20speaking%2C%20this%20dream%20can,coming%20due%20to%20someone%20else.,aging%2C%20such%20as%20hair%20loss.,a%20good%20event%20might%20happen.

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