Death in Dreams

C: Hey! I’m Cecilia!

A: And I’m Amelia! This is 1800Dreamzz!

C: And that’s Dreamzz with two zz.

A: Yeahhhh All right so some quick business: 1) Everyone, here is another gentle but forceful reminder to vote! Do your mail-ins before October 21. 2) Cecilia… IT’S OCTOBER!!!!

C: Yay! It’s super funny because we’ve been working on fall stuff since August, and we’ve been posting scary episodes and doing spooky stuff since mid-September, and I can’t believe October is here!

A: You’ve decorated and painted, and I carved a pumpkin!

C: And you’re taking us on a cemetery walk this week!

A: You know it! I love a good cemetery. We’re chatting about our fave Halloween/fall books on October 14 with Barby the Book Fairy, and we’ve also got a pumpkin bake along with Halloween trivia on October 21.

C: And we’re hosting a Halloween party on October 31! Remember, these events are all free, virtual, and spooky! Just head to our Facebook page.

A: Yes, and if you can’t make a live event, we will have videos available on our page that you can access whenever. We’ve also got some spooky podcast episodes for the season as well! We’ve covered shadow selves and being chased in a dream - which, both of those were indeed scary, but also super deep and introspective!

C: They were!! Yeah we’ve got witches and magic, haunted houses, and nightmares and night terrors coming up, so be sure to listen in! Today, we are talking about death!

A: Just straight up death.

C: Straight up death. In dreams that is! Have you dreamt about death, Amelia.

A: Yes! Unfortunately I have a lot of active shooter dreams and I think that has a lot to do with the time we live in. One time I was actually shot and died! But earlier this year, I dreamt that my parents were killed by a friend of mine while they slept in my childhood bedroom. How about you, Cecilia?

C: *riff riff* Okay before we jump in, I want to be clear that we will not really be talking about the death of someone in a dream who has actually died in real life - this kind of dream is often you processing that death. And if you dream of seeing the deceased person in a dream, we have an episode on that!

A: And this is not an episode of fortune telling, or foretelling the death of someone.

C: No oneiromancy here! So let’s jump on in and ask the first big question: who is dying in the dream? When you, the dreamer, die in the dream, it is very symbolic of a part of you dying, the end of a cycle or the end of bad habits, all in real life.

A: This sounds like the Ten of Swords card in tarot!

C: Yes exactly! How would you describe that card?

A: So the Ten of Swords is a person lying face down with ten swords stuck in their back. If you’re just looking at the imagery, it is quite alarming! There’s already a death card in the Major Arcana, and lol it’s the 13th card, but this one definitely makes you think doom and gloom. That said I usually read it as the end of the cycle, which is how it kind of sounds with this dream.

C: Bingo! And yes, that is very true with the death card as well, it doesn’t symbolize literal death, it is the end of a cycle, and an opportunity for rebirth. Give thanks to what you’re saying goodbye to and thoughtfully move on. And honestly regardless of who is dying in a dream, this is often the meaning.

That said, if it’s not you in a dream, it has a lot to do with the significance of that person in your dream. What do you find your parents represent to you in a dream, Amelia?

A: A lot of times they just represent my parents, but sometimes they represent old ideas about myself, or limiting beliefs about myself. Not that I think my parents hold me back, but I trust them almost implicitly in real life and sometimes don’t bother to seek a different perspective.

C: I’m going to save my analysis for the end, but it seems like this took place during a transitional time in your life.

A: Yes! How did you guess!

C: Call me Kreskin! That’s a deep cut for our olds. Now, here are some major considerations our dreamers should be making when analyzing this kind of dream. Who carried out the death? Where is the death? What ways are they dying? It’s like Clue, it was Mrs. White in the Library with the wrench! Mrs. White could be a motherly figure, the library is a place of learning, and the wrench is a tool for gripping and applying torque! Your mom has got too much of a grip on your career! Easy peasy! Now in some dreams, there is no “killer,” it can just be something else awful like cancer or a car crash.

Not surprisingly death and cancer in a dream sometimes happens when you’re grieving someone in your real life dying of cancer. If that is not the case, it can represent giving up, succumbing or surrender. We could do a whole episode on this topic alone, honestly. And a car represents your journey in life, so death by a car crash can represent a change in your life path. Who killed your parents in the dream, Amelia?

A: Okay so the person was a real life friend who I’ve met in the last year and has challenged me to see things from a different point of view. I can’t imagine where this is going… Okay so does the location have something to do with the dream.

C: It certainly can! According to Ian Wallace, a dream expert and psychologist, is stated as saying in a Refinery 29 article, “...if the dream happens in a hospital, it might mean you have ‘an unhealthy dependency on your loved one and need to be more responsible and self-reliant in your waking life.’ A graveyard setting, on the other hand, indicates you’re subconsciously putting the past to rest.”

Where did your parents die in your dream, Amelia?

A: My childhood bedroom.

C: All right so houses, as we have often discussed, symbolize yourself, and then for your parents to be murdered in your childhood bedroom is just a no-brainer. This symbolizes a younger part of yourself or an old way of thinking about yourself as dying.

A: Oooooooh! Out with the old, in with the new! Parents, that is. You know, when we were bad, our parents said that they were going to send us back to our real parents, Herman and Gertrude. Which, where did they get those names? Okay okay, we got through the murderer and the location, what does the means of death mean?

C: So we already talked about cancer or a car crash, but what if it is a very specific or gruesome death?

In an interview with The Cut, dream interpreter to the stars, Lauri Loewenberg, says, “If you die peacefully in your dream …’This is a really good indication that the change you’re going through, you’re okay with it. You’re going through a welcome change.’

A: That sounds nice!

C: Here’s what she said if you die violently in your dream “…There’s a change happening that you’re resisting, or you’re afraid of the change that’s going on.” How did your parents die in the dream?

A: They were asleep in my childhood bed and were stabbed to death by my friend. So… I guess that would be considered violent?

C: Ya think? *laughter* That is ironic that we were talking about the Ten of Swords and the method of death was swords.

A: Well I am an air sign, as are you, and the suit of swords in tarot represents air signs. Also, I think Herr Freud would just say this is about a penis.

C: Oh boy, let’s leave Herr Freud out of this. Now how did you feel during the dream and waking up?

A: Oh absolutely horrified. I woke up and my heart was just pounding.

C: Okay, so based on my expert opinion, I think that when you had this dream, you were going through a transitional phase in your life, either a promotion at work or a change of mind about something, and the killer represented new ways of thinking killing old ways of thinking. That said, because the death was so violent and personal, I think that you were and maybe are resistant to this change.

A: Bravooo! This is a super analysis. So this is one of the first dreams I recorded this year when I first started dream journaling to prepare for this podcast. I think you’re absolutely right, I was and still am dealing with imposter syndrome. You know, who am I to do this? Who do I think I am to step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there and literally start a business. I never thought I could be a quote “entrepreneur” and that is definitely a limiting belief. I also think it could be a lot of super progressive ideas that the killer believes in real life and I haven’t thought about, which are things that might go too far for my parents and the ideals I grew up with.

C: I rest my case!

A: Okay but one last thing I want to know that is not related to this dream exactly, but how come when I’ve died in dreams, I usually wake up immediately, or it all just goes dark?

C: YES! I am so glad you asked this. So back to Ian Wallace, he said, “‘[Because] we don't really understand what happens to us after our bodies die [in real life], dreams about death typically end abruptly before or after the point of impact ... The mind's computer just doesn't have enough data to complete the simulation."

A: Whaaat *riff riff* Is it time?

C: Yes! it’s time for Part 2 of the show: I Had a Dream Once!

Part 2: I had a dream once!

A: Myself, my wife, my daughter, and my father were at a Best Buy when our toddler disappeared. The Best Buy turned into a giant mall that was all in one room. So then we find her and we have to make it back to where we had started for some reason, and my dad starts to lead the way but he is confused because it is a labyrinth of aisles. So I begin to lead the group, and then I run into an old college friend. While we’re talking, I start making a massive salad. Seriously the diameter of the salad bowl was two feet. I was just throwing in spinach, chicken, cranberries, and mayo. I explained to my daughter that I was good friends with this person, but then I saw them make a facial expression that said, “Really?” because we weren’t actually that good of friends with this person.

A & C: *riff riff*

A: Well, that’s all we have for today!

C: We hope you enjoyed learning about death in dreams!

A: Yes! And this week I’m doing a cemetery walk! You can find that on Wednesday, October 5, at our Facebook page.

C: Super spooky! Stay tuned for next week when we talk about magic and witchcraft in dreams!

A: ‘Cause it’s witchcraft! Wicked witchcraft! (in the tune of Frank Sinatra)

C: You can also send your dreams to us at (with two zz’s!) And check us out on instagram and facebook. Sleep tight!

A: And remember, don’t let the death dreams bite! Night night!,we%20need%20to%20relax%20more!

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