Children in Dreams

Children in Dreams


A: Hey! I’m Amelia!

C: I’m Cecilia! This is 1800Dreamzz!

A: That’s Dreamzz with two zz’s. Today’s is a special day here at the 1-800-Dreamzz studio! It’s Cecilia’s birthday!

C: It is! Thank you so much! *riff riff*

A: You’re an Aquarius, you’re 30 - How do you feel?

C: *riff riff*

A: Did you ask for anything special for your birthday?

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A: All the links to support us are in the show notes. On to the show! Now speaking of birthdays, your special day can make you feel like a kid again, so we are talking about children in dreams! What is your experience with children in dreams, birthday girl?

C: *riff riff* How about you?

A: *riff riff* So what do kids mean in dreams?

C: Not surprisingly, children in dreams can have a variety of meanings, particularly dependent on your personal dream dictionary and association with children.

A: Yes, dear listener, you too have your own personal dream dictionary. Real quick - what do you define as a personal dream dictionary?

C: *riff riff* That said, a child in a dream can also represent what is referred to psychologists as the “inner child”

A: She’s going deep everyone!! Cecilia, what is the so-called “inner child?”

C: This is a really cool concept. Psychology Today says “We were all once children, and still have that child dwelling within us. But most adults are quite unaware of this. And this lack of conscious relatedness to our own inner child is precisely where so many behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties stem from.”

A: Getting roasted over here by Psychology Today.

C: “True adulthood hinges on acknowledging, accepting, and taking responsibility for loving and parenting one's own inner child. For most adults, this never happens. Instead, their inner child has been denied, neglected, disparaged, abandoned or rejected. We are told by society to "grow up," putting childish things aside.”

A: Just crying over here in the corner.

C: “In fact, these so-called grown-ups or adults are unwittingly being constantly influenced or covertly controlled by this unconscious inner child. For many, it is not an adult self directing their lives, but rather an emotionally wounded inner child inhabiting an adult body. A five-year-old running around in a forty-year-old frame. It is a hurt, angry, fearful little boy or girl calling the shots, making adult decisions.”

A: This sounds like the Russian nesting dolls that my therapist talked about, how when we’re stressed or scared, we act like this child because that is where we know how to operate.

C: And that is why we should all get therapy! *riff riff* There’s a lot of potential in these particular dreams since children are associated with boundless potential and opportunity. They could be anything! According to the Dream Bible, children in dreams can represent “ideas, habits, or developments that have potential.”

A: Man that’s the problem with these kids, they could be anything they want. And then they become adults and they still think they can be anything. I’m kind of joking, but kind of not.

C: *riff riff* Now here are some things to consider: how old is the child in the dream? Is the child a baby? A toddler? A teenager? What does that age represent to you in regards to self?

A: *riff riff* that is a really interesting point because each age felt like a puzzle piece toward knowing who I was, but they’re all different.

C: Exactly! Which then begs the question, what kind of love and nurture did you need at the particular age in question? In what ways did you not feel understood? How might that be showing up in your waking life and how can you show up for yourself who needs that love?

A: *riff riff* That makes sense as to why I was feeding my daughter - how do I need to feed my inner child?

C: That could totally be it. Now because you know the child represented in your dream, that could be you processing a daily activity you would do with her that makes its way to long term storage, but because of the location and the people involved it makes me think it’s more of your inner child.

A: Moi aussi! So how can I tell the difference if it is just a child in my waking life versus my “inner child.”

C: This kind of goes to the question of why do we dream? Let’s say there is a child in your waking life, whether that is your child, a relative, or maybe your work has you with children - it could just be a dream that is processing your daily life and sorting it into long term storage.

A: Just like the delightful 2015 film Inside Out!

C: Just like that! In her book, The Dream Interpretation Handbook, Karen Frazier says we often don’t remember those processing dreams because they’re so boring and mundane and your brain is filtering them accordingly.

A: Got it!

C: And the dream where the Inner Child shows up is more of a communication with your subconscious. Regardless of who is manifesting as the child - again, your child, a relative, a child acquaintance…

A: Oh you know, this is my child acquaintance. They have the best weed.

C: *riff riff* Inner Child shows ups to say hey I’m feeling sad or scared or vulnerable or powerless.

A: Listen to your inner child, seek help if you so desire! Now what about being pregnant or visiting places from your childhood. I feel like I’m frequently in my hometown, my childhood home, or my grade school.

C: That is a great question - I am very excited because we will be talking about those in future episodes, and they all work together to help you better understand yourself!

A&C: riff

A: Stick around for part 2, pillow talk - the part where we talk about YOUR specific dreams.

Part 2: Pillow Talk

A: So this dream was submitted by a listener and you too can send us your dreams and have them read on the podcast!

C: Don’t forget if you’re a patreon listener, yours get put to the top of the list!

A: Yes siree! “I was taking my nephews, sons & a family’s friends son on a trip. All of the boys were the same age, around 11 or 12 except the friend's son. He was like 5. And I worried about him the most. We were going on some trip to see family on a huge farm but all I kept thinking was why in the hell did I agree to take 8 boys on a trip by myself and I felt like the Pied Piper with 8 boys to take care of until we got in this farm trying to keep them from attacking each other or hurting other people because their 12 yr old boys and stupid. I also kept trying to keep the friends son from seeing all the dumb shit they were doing.”

Bountiful harvest meter?

A & C: *riff riff*

A: Well, that’s all we have for today!

C: We hope you enjoyed this episode about children in dreams!

A: And check out our series #howtosleep, last week we covered the sleep aid melatonin and this week we are talking all about weighted blankets!

C: Stay tuned next week for when we talk about being in love and going on dates in dreams!

A: Just in time for Valentine’s Day

C: Don’t forget to send your dreams to us at (with two zz’s!) And check us out on instagram and facebook. Sleep tight!

A: And remember, don’t let the flying dreams bite! Night night!

“The Dream Interpretation Handbook: A Guide and Dictionary to Unlock the Meanings of Your Dreams,” Karen Frazier, 2019

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