Back to School Part 2

A: Hey! I’m Amelia!

C: And I’m Cecilia! This is 1800Dreamzz!

A: We are so happy you’re here! And we are feeling so cozy and warm in our fall sweaters and are excited to share with your some of our fall programming coming up!

C: We love fall, we love dressing up, we love cemeteries, we love pumpkin carving, we love decorating, we love apple picking! We are so excited!!! In fact we have a free fall bucket list printable that will be available on our website! Print it out and follow along with us throughout the season as we share our experience going through the list.

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C: We love fall so much that we are doing six episodes on scary things! And for now we are talking about more back to school subjects.

A: Last week we looked at major school dream themes and this week we will dive into smaller but still prevalent school related themes in dreams. Let’s start with lockers! What was your locker number? Was it is the same locker every year? Were you ever stuffed in a locker?

C: *riff riff*

There are a lot of meanings behind locked doors in dreams, but that is something for another time. With relation to school, dreamers often report running late and they can’t find their locker or they’ve completely forgotten their locker combination and they’re not going to make it to class on time. Dr. Oz seems to think that when you can’t find a locker in a dream, it has to do with being in the wrong spot in your career. Here’s the quote: “When you can't find your locker or your class in a dream, it's a good indication you are feeling uncertain of your place at work or even uncertain of your career choice. In these dreams we tend to feel the pressure of finding our locker and getting to our class before the bell rings. That’s the slippery element of time showing up in our dreams again, which suggests we feel time is running out on us in real life, and we need to get ourselves where we need to be in the career department before it’s too late.”

C: *riff riff*

A: Cecilia did you ever take the bus to school?

A: *riff riff* Vehicles, as we have talked about, are metaphors for your journey in life. A school bus is bringing you to a place of learning and it can represent a feeling that you are heading on a journey of personal growth.

C: Or torture, depending on what school was for you.

A: I think it can be difficult to distinguish. Missing the bus often has to deal with… you guessed it… stress! But specifically about stress about deadlines. Apparently Diane Sawyer had similar dreams about missing buses or planes. I wonder why! Okay gym class! What are your memories about physical education, Cecilia?

C: *riff riff*

A: According to Dream Dictionary: To dream of gym class in school represents anxiety about issues you are very concerned with with being the best at. Worries or concerns that a goal will be too difficult or expensive for you to achieve. A very serious attempt to learn everything you can to be a powerful competitor. Obsession with learning how to be perfectly competitive in some manner. Learning to be more physically or sexually attractive to others.

Now, Cecilia, rumor has it you were a cheerleader growing up, is this true?

C: *riff riff*

A: Here’s what the Dreamer’s Dictionary says about cheerleading in dreams: Different depending on your relationship with cheerleading. What is the dreamer’s relationship with cheerleading? Were they/are they a cheerleader? Were cheerleaders the popular kids in school or not? In an objective analysis, this dream can have a lot to do with encouragement and motivation. You were a cheerleader, Cecilia, and you coach cheerleading - how do you feel this differs from how cheerleading would be represented in your dreams?

C: *riff riff*

A: Okay you were in cheerleading, and I was in Drama Club - is anyone surprised?

C: …………..

A: Thank youuuuu! So drama club - I was in it all four years of high school, we put on two plays a year for two nights only, we had to provide our own costumes, and it was kind of bobo, but damn we had a good time.

According to Aunty Flo, being on stage in a dream reflects the dreamer's comfort level with being seen and his or her social expectations. She goes on to say, “To dream of being on stage signifies a desire to be noticed and appreciated for your talents.”

C: you’ve had a lot of dreams about performing lately?

A: yes it’s kind of embarrassing! I did stand-up at one point and Chris Pratt was in the audience and he made that big “OH” face, in another dream I was auditioning for Wayne Brady’s traveling improv troupe. In other dreams, I’ve just been at my high school stage which may have actual representation of drama club. Also I feel the name drama club indicates drama.

C: *riff riff*

C: I had a dream once!

This is submitted by a retired teacher, I believe they had this dream since retiring from teaching.

I was teaching at a large school in a metropolitan area. I had a wide variety of students. School is going to start but instead of preparing for school I was engaged every morning in a meeting with our idiot president as well as many others. So when the first day of school came I was totally unprepared, of course. I’d been to the classroom once but I couldn’t really remember where I was. We were in a huge mall. Besides the classrooms there were stores and restaurants. So, when the first day of school started I went to what I thought was my room. But, another teacher who happened to be a former colleague was in the room and I said this is my room and she goes no it’s not. So I remembered what restaurant I had gone to for lunch the first day I’d been there for a prep meeting. So I found my way to the restaurant and worked backwards. When I got to my room my keys worked so I went in and there were all of my students. Strangely enough, it was like retro like the 50s or 60s and everybody was dressed that way. Anyway, I didn’t have any of my preparation so I had to send one of my students to get all of the schedules and things we needed that were in the main office. And then a counselor came in to talk to the students. I was grateful for that because I had several students that did not want to participate and in fact were playing their Miniature radios, remember this is more like the 50s or 60s, and fortunately there were no cell phones. But they were such a neat variety of different students and of course I was drawn to the ones who didn’t want to participate because that was my specialty. It was interesting the way they were dressed, some with suits, girls with skirts, and then the more troubled youth were dressed In the style of slicked back hair and jeans and bowling shirts. Anyway, it was weird because we had been in those conversations with the president every morning which at that time was over the Internet, even though school was back in the 50s. Everything was all messed up. But it was fascinating and I enjoyed being back at school even though I wasn’t prepared. Oh, and of course my friends wanted to meet for lunch and that was probably the most important thing. And lunch was at Sonic, but it was some special promotion they were having. Because of course you know lunch is our favorite part of the day.

(the dreamer gives a name to several of the people, and while we cannot read their names over the air, I wonder what specific significance or role they play with the dream. Was it your brain just looking for someone to fill that role or do they represent something in the dream? Like were some of these people antagonists in the dreamers waking life? They are talking quite a bit about politics and you wonder if any of these people agree or disagree with their beliefs)

*riff riff*

Amelia: Well, that’s all we have for today!

Cecilia: We hope you enjoyed learning about dreams!

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A: And remember, don’t let the locker dreams bite! Night night!


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