A podcast about your dreams...

Join Amelia and Cecilia as we delve into the topics of dreams and what they mean. From failing the test to snow in your dreams, to being chased in a nightmare... we've got it all! Plus, listeners can submit their dreams to have them analyzed anonymously on air. Night night... And don't let your dreamzz bite!

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1-800-Dreamzz Podcast Hosts


Amelia Bursi

Gemini & History Queen

Amelia is a Gemini boss lady and history queen in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She's a dachshund/wiener dog lover and lives for trivia and The Golden Girls.

Cecilia Coons

Aquarius & Mystic Maven

Cecilia is an Aquarian mama and fiber artist in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She's a messy bun fanatic and lives for cat memes and her daily horoscope.


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